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November 3, 2011

WPPI the Experience

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Written by: Lawrence
If you haven’t experienced what it is like to be a photographer with thousands of other photographers seeking knowledge during the day and partying at night, then you are missing out on the WPPI experience.

I was fortunate enough to experience WPPI 2 consecutive times with each time different than before.

So read on and see how each experience can benefit your 1st or next trip to WPPI.


The 1st experience at WPPI was surely all work and no play. You’ll see what I am talking about.

My first year, I did not go with any friends. It was purely all business and all play. If you haven’t already make sure you check out the breakdown of the 1st time here:

My 2nd experience at WPPI was completely different. I had a team of two with me this time around. I strongly recommend not going to WPPI alone.

You cannot only save a lot of money on the trip by sharing a room but also keep you company.



February 20, 2011


One of my correspondents (Raychelle) attended the Matt Hill-Master class at WPPI 2011 and said it was truly amazing. Matt hill is also apart of the MAC Group. A great all around guy.


The PhotographySILO crew checked out the WPPI Launch Pad and was unfortunately disappointed. It was intimate but just felt like a Sunday swap meet. The premise to this WPPI Launch Pad is supposed to give attendees a sneak peak of some of the vendors that will be on the tradeshow floor and also a view of some vendors that are not going to be on the tradeshow.

If WPPI, decides to have the Launch pad again in 2012, I hope it would have a little more bang. Maybe add a presenter here and there.


PhotographySILO Interview with Matt Hill conducted outside one of the MGM stores with a cool entry way. Make sure you check out this interview. You will truly be enlighted.


The photographySILO crew briefly attended the Photo lovecat happy hour. When I say briefly, I really mean briefly as we only stayed about 5 minutes. Why 5 minutes, well it wasn’t a sponsored event. Which means you pay for your own alcohol.

I don’t drink so it doesn’t matter, but my crew drinks. So we walked in then immediately left. Let’s see if it is the same next year.


The photographySILO crew regretfully attended the Sony Fashion Show.

I had a feeling it was going to be 2 hours of advertising but I’ve never attended so I said what the hell. I’ll give it a try. zzzzzzzzzZZZzzzzzZZZZzzz   yes, I took a nap for about 20 minutes. Give me a break, I was tired.

After arriving from the airport, I had to go straight to an interview and get ready for the day. It wasn’t all bad. At least they had some decent looking women modeling for the Sony fashion show. Sorry Nigel Barker, I will not ditch my Nikon for a Sony.


Manny and I were the only ones from the crew that was able to party after a full day of running around. Although, we didn’t want to go party hopping so we just went to the guest list only GoBee party sponsored by pictage, adorama, snapknot and artsy couture. It was a sweet party at Mandalay bay. Since it was all the way at Mandalay bay it wasn’t convenient but it was definitely worth the trek. The Queen Bees Lauren and Sara definitely know how to throw a suite party. The GoBEE party was surely sweet. I be there for sure if they throw another party next year. I met a lot of great people and one of my WPPI full registration giveaway winners Sheryll Lynne.


Had an early morning breakfast with Sir David Esquire right after the GoBEE party.


As we were about to go to the room and crash at MGM, we saw the queen bee Candice Cunningham of Camera Slingers and her most recent creative LensSkins at the Lobby and hung out for about 30 minutes helping a sista out.


February 21, 2011


One of the team members checked out the Sara Petty Platform class. When you go to WPPI make sure you have a few friends that can help attack the platform classes because apparently you can’t attend every single class. So divide and conquer.


Since we had a few vendor interview appointments starting at 12:40PM, we only had time to eat fast food which brought us to the MGM food court. A tip for all of you peeps is to try to get food on off times. If you try to get food during “lunch time” noon to 1PM or so, expect long lines.

12:40PM- 3:30PM crew was out on the tradeshow floor and interviewed the 1Folks at Lowepro and Moo to name a few.

3:30P – 5:30PM

One of the crew members attended the Jesh de Rox platform and she cried. Jesh de Rox has that affect on people. I am curious to see what he is all about next year.


The crew checked out the Bludomain Happy hour at Tabu and was pleasantly surprised. The music was good, there were gogo dancers and two drinks covered. Yes, I used my drink vouchers for Ice Tea. I know I know I wasted it but hey I don’t drink. I also wanted to mention that they had a dance off to win an iPad 1. When I heard iPAD, I had to participate even if I already had one at the time.

I was able to be selected to be apart of the top 6 for a dance off and I was robbed. I should have won.

The person that won didn’t dance on beat and just shook his ass on the floor off beat. The song was Jay Sean down. Now tell me is this booty shaking music on the floor? I don’t think so. But you know what, I might have to do it next year to win the iPAD. You just have to find out and see what I will do for an iPAD. Since I didn’t win the solo competition, I tried to win the couple dance competition. I didn’t have my girlfriend now fiancé there so I had to borrow someone else’s girlfriend. Luckily, Kenny Kim was there and he had his girlfriend with him. So I was fortunate enough that he was there to allow me to borrow his girlfriend for the dance competition.

We weren’t selected for the top 5 dance off because it took forever to convince her to dance with me but hey maybe next year.

10:30PM – 3AM

The crew checked out the SMUGMUGPRO Bayphoto sleepless party.

What can I say but it was the best party at WPPI

. Not only because we received VIP treatment thanks to the Queen Bee Candice Cunningham but because the party was filled with fun and entertaining photographers. We stayed till the party was shut down by security and even till the end of the after party when our host finally crashed and we even helped clean up. That is what you call support!


February 22, 2011

12:40PM to 1PM

Interviewed a few vendors that we couldn’t fit in on Monday.


We shot the first cover for starring Lauren Hillary and Interviewed Sir David Esquire.

10:00PM to 3AM

The crew attended the Pictage party at Studio 54. Please note that this was not a free event. If you did pay, it was well worth it. Just think of it as an opportunity to party at a club with your fellow photographers.

Let’s just say I partied hard. Hey, that is how I roll.

I was actually the last team member standing. The next morning my legs were killing me.

February 23, 2011

Today was definitely the day we rested the most. We casually roamed the tradeshow floor and actually had time to socialize with the attendees and just chilled the rest of the day. We planned to go to the Scott Robert Lim party but didn’t make it for some reason that I can’t remember at the moment. I heard it was at an MGM skyloft so we definitely missed out. Maybe next year.


February 24, 2011

We checked out and back home. A few days later I got sick. Yes, it was the WPPI flu. Look out for the survival guide.

Oh and here is a recap from one of the other winners of the WPPI full registration giveaway.

I’d love to hear your experience at WPPI. Please tell us about via a comment.

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