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August 18, 2012

The Anal location scout

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Written by: Lawrence

Wow that title sounds bad but that is the first title that came to mind and it’s catchy right?

Anyways, the purpose of this article is to show you all that it’s better to over-plan than under- plan.

I will be going over the shoot timeline I prepared for the photographer I booked for my wedding.

The timeline you will see below is also what I prepare when I execute high visibility photo shoots with time limits.

So the background for the extreme timeline below is that the wedding portraits were taken at the Arcadia Arboretum. We were able to book time from 5PM to 8PM, which you would think is enough time. Although, out of the 13 projected locations throughout the Arboretum, it seemed we were only able to complete 6 or so locations.  It also helped that we had a golf cart and a driver that knows their way around the park.


Timeline/shot list below includes the following:

  1. Snapshot of location
  2. Snapshot from Lighttrac Iphone app
  3. Poses


Reasons to include the details on one image.

  1. Snapshot of location (Provide an accurate representation of where you plan to shoot)
  2. Snapshot from Lightrac iPhone app. (Allow us to locate the position of the sun)
  3. Poses: A way to provide clients an example of what you envisioned and the poses that work with that particular image.

By analyzing your lightrac data, you would be knowledgeable enough to select the locations first that will be difficult to capture once the light drops etc.


In conclusion, even with a detailed timeline which takes into account travel and setup time, we were still not able to complete all 13 locations/shots due to other unforeseen issues.



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