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Call me photography man! Yes, with the thinkTANKphoto Modular component system attached to a thinkTANKphoto pro speed belt, you feel like a photography superhero. Imagine being equipped with all the items you need for a job. You feel so empowered. Now I know what Batman feels like when he is presented with a situation where he needs to get out of a certain situation.


Wow. My back thanks me.  Since now with the modular component system, the need to carry a backpack on set is no longer a must.  I have all that I need carried by my hips and not my back. Below you will see how I configured the thinkTANKphoto Modular system. You can also check out the post on how to configure and pack your component system here:

thinkTANKphoto Modular Speed Changer

    • ONE – iPhone
    • ONE – Android
    • ONE – Lensbaby Composer
    • ONE – Nikkor 50mm 1.8
    • ONE  – Pocket wizard
    • ONE – Microfiber cloth
    • ONE – Lens cleaning solution
    • ONE – Nikon MC-30 shutter release
    • ONE – thinkTANKphoto pixel pocket rocket with compact flash cards
    • Lens caps
    • ONE  – Manfrotto RC2 quick release plate


thinkTANKphoto Modular LC 75 Pop Down

  • TWO – Gary Fong Powersnoot with powergrid

thinkTANKphoto Modular Lens Changer 35

  • TWO – Gary Fong White Domes
  • TWO – Gary Fong Amber Domes
  • TWO – Gary Fong Chrome Domes

thinkTANKphoto Modular Lightning Fast

  • ONE – Sekonic L-358 FlashMaster
  • TWO – Color filters from Nikon
  • TWO – Nikon  SW-13H
  • TWO – Nikon SZ-2

thinkTANKphoto Modular Large Lens Drop In

thinkTANKphoto Modular Lens Changer 50

  • THREE – Bottles of Water

A FEW OF THE FEATURES I FOUND MOST USEFUL FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS INCLUDE: (view a full listing at the manufacturer website)

thinkTANKphoto Modular Speed Changer

  • ·          Front Pocket Organizer.
  • ·          Attaches to all Think Tank belts.
  • ·          Includes “Rotate or Lock” mechanism.
  • ·          Front mesh pocket for Lens caps.
  • ·          Zippered pocket above mesh pockets.

thinkTANKphoto Modular LC 75 Pop Down

  • Pop down increases bag depth.
  • Lightly padded/compressible.
  • Bungee cord top access.
  • Front mesh pocket for lens caps.

thinkTANKphoto Modular Lens Changer 35

  • Lightly padded/compressible
  • Bungee cord top-access.
  • Front mesh pocket for lens caps.

thinkTANKphoto Modular Lightning Fast

  • Zippered pocket for extra batteries
  • Removable padded insert & dividers.

thinkTANKphoto Modular Large Lens Drop In

  • Larger size for larger lenses.
  • Lightly padded and compressible
  • Closes and opens very quickly

thinkTANKphoto Modular Lens Changer 50

  • Lightly padded/compressible.
  • Bungee cord top-access
  • Front mesh pockets for lens caps.

thinkTANKphoto also prepared some great documentation on how to store and use your modular system that can be found here: and then click the support tab and locate the .pdfs.


Bottom line, every photographer should have a Batman utility belt aka thinkTANKphoto pro speed belt and modular component set. I will never do another photo shoot without wearing my Batman utility belt. It feels great having everything you need organized for fast access on your belt.  If you don’t believe me, then ask to borrow a friends component system and give it a try.  I have both the Skin and the modular system and they are both amazing.  Make sure you check out the Skin component system review.



Disclosure: We’ve received this product at no cost for this review. The views and opinion expressed in this review are mine.

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