When i first un-boxed this fine piece constructed material, it looks like a normal domestic carry-on size luggage. At a closer look, this carry on is a well designed photographic equipment case geared for the photographer.

The Think Tank Photo Airport Security V2.0 at face value is a USA Domestic airline carry on size luggage that includes TSA approved combination locks with many pockets carefully designed for the photographers needs.

First, lets take a look at the front of the Think Tank Photo Airport Security V2.0 from top to bottom.

At the very top of the Think Tank Photo Airport Security V2.0 you will find a business car holder that could adequately secure 50 or so full size business cards.

Below the business card holder, you will find a small flat compartment zippered that I utilize for frequently referenced documents and a few dollars for a quick drink from a nearby vending machine.

The next pair of zippers below is the main compartment zipper that will be referenced after the external pockets have been reviewed.
Below the main compartment zipper, you will find a zippered front pocket organizer that I use to store pens, a small notepad for quick notes, a razor, an electric toothbrush and any other small quick access items that can fit.

The last compartment on the front of the Think Tank Airport Security V2.0 is the large kangaroo type pocket that seems to be made of elastic material. I use this pocket to hold my lighting gels, a small reflector and a pair of slippers with enough room to slip a 250 page photography book.

The right side of the Think Tank Airport Security V2.0 includes about a ten inch zippered pocket with three layers of slits inside to hold extra compact flash cards or items that require easy access. Below the side zippered pocket is a small kangaroo pocket made of elastic material. Although note that when the tripod holder is attached, it will be very difficult to access this size zippered pocket.

The left side of the Think Tank Airport Security V2.0 does not have any pockets but does provide a handle and a TSA combination lock for the main compartment zippers.

Now, we look at the back of the Think Tank Airport Security V2.0 and you will discover a top zippered compartment that hides the retractable handle. Below the handle is another zippered compartment that holds the emergency shoulder straps. Note that the roller is not intended to be used regularly as a backpack just for emergencies.

The external pockets have been explored. It is now time to open up my new favorite equipment bag.

Let’s first look at the inside zippered pockets on the top flap from the top to the bottom. There are a total of 4 transparent zippered compartments.

To provide a better idea of what these zippered compartments can hold, I’ll detail the photography items I’ve allocated to each zippered compartment.

Starting from Left to Right and top to bottom, the first top two zippered compartments I store lens covers and batteries for my pocket wizards. I separate the batteries by pocket wizard so i don’t mix the batteries at the time of the shoot.

The middle section is one big zippered compartment that I use to store miscellaneous items such as zip ties, velcro and sekonic light meter quick start guide.

The bottom section is another big zippered compartment that i utilize to store my various short cables and flash slave attachment and misc flash attachments.

We can now move to the most area of the bag, the photography equipment storage area. The Think Tank Photo Airport Security V2.0 came with configurable velcro dividers to suit your equipment. I’ve configured the main compartment to hold two days worth of clothes or one Alien Bee 1600 mono-light. I’ve also configured the bottom of the area where I can store my clothes and Alien Bee 1600 mono-light to hold two pocketwizards. I then used my extra velcro dividers to use as a cover so that my clothes will not get dirty from the other items in the bag.

Moving down far left of the area where I store my clothes or mono-light, is the area I’ve configured to hold my Nikon D200 with an attached Nikkor 18-200MM 3.5-5.6 lens. Below the lens there is extra space where I store the battery charger, there is also space next to the camera body where i store my lensbaby composer and some mini clamps.

To the right of the camera section is an area I’ve configured to hold one Nikon SB-600 flash.

To the right of the area configured to hold my flash, I’ve configured to hold a battery charger pod, compact flash reader, bubble leveler and mini 3 inch tripod. lee filters and Nikon Shutter release.

The final section in my bag is the far right side which includes 5 small sections. The first section houses my suction cup flash holder and usb to two prong power converter. The next section currently holds my gaffers tape, GorillaPod SLR and another attachment to my flash suction cup holder. I’ve created smaller sections to fit my compact flash card case, double A battery charger and Sekonic flash meter. Below the compact flash card and double A batter charger there is a spot for my Nikkor 50MM 1.8.


I have to say that at first sight, I was in love. it was a clean looking and well designed photography equipment case. The people at Think Tank Photo did a great job with this one. After a normal week of use, my equipment stayed in this bag. All of the equipment I need on location is comfortably stored in the Think Tank Photo Airport Security V2.0. It doesn’t make sense to unpack my equipment to any other case.

Amazing Amazing Amazing!!! Enough said. No really, I feel that I was 40% more efficient because I used the Think Tank Photo Airport Security. My camera gear is organized perfectly by my configuration allowing me to save time by not rummaging through stuff to find the photography equipment I need. Also, if the photography assignment only calls for one monolight, I can travel light by just bringing along my Think Tank Photo Airport security. I actually look forward traveling with my gear now.

My first trip to Las Vegas for a photoshoot with only the Think Tank Photo Airport Security V2.0 was stress free and very smooth. Thanks to the TSA combination locks, I did not have to worry about unlocking my bag for airport security inspection. From the security checkpoint before approaching the gate for boarding to placing the Think Tank Photo Airport Security V2.0 to the overhead bin, the experience was relaxed and very easy. I will not fly domestically without my Think Tank Airport Security V2.0.

PROS: WOW too many to note, but I will note the points that were very important to me.
Well designed inside and outside photography equipment bag.
Highly customizable velcro dividers to suit any type of equipment.
Domestic Airport Travel friendly photography equipment bag due to size and TSA locks.
Durable construction

If you are a photographer period, then you need the Think Tank Photo Airport Security V 2.0 as your travel photography equipment bag. You will end up using it as an all around photography equipment travel bag, if you are just like me. The Think Tank Photo Airport Security V 2.0 design is absolutely amazing and you will surely not want to remove your gear from this bag again. Make sure to check this out at your local camera store or if you just want to take my word for it buy it right now.

Disclosure: We’ve received this product at no cost for this review. The views and opinion expressed in this review are mine.


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