The Tabelz product is exactly how i expected it. A well constructed table that you can attach to a tripod and light stand. The table feels sturdy while mounted to the tripod via a ballhead or directly on the tripod. I prefer to attach to a ballhead or a video tripod head for directional flexibility. This came in handy when I needed the table to be position a certain way for access. The Tablez SP160- + LS-25 Combo also came with the ultra dots 12 pack used to attach to the bottom of your laptop to provide even more of grip to the table.


Let’s just say that the Tabelz SP-160 for the majority of the time is attached to my video tripod and the LS-25 that is used for the light stand is now mounted on my spare light stand just in case I need to use my video tripod, I could easily switch to the light stand.


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The installation of the Tables SP160 +LS-25 combo was very easy and fluid. This is key for a fast pace work environment.
As mentioned in the first impressions, the Tablez SP160 when attached to a tripod head is extremely flexible and useful in varying situations that is very important to any photographer.

For transport, I was able to conveniently fit the Tablez SP160 in the laptop section of my camera bag and the LS-25 in an empty slot.  This was a great first time with the Tablez SP160 LS-25 combo.

A FEW OF THE FEATURES I FOUND MOST USEFUL FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: (view a full listing at the manufacturer website

  • Portable (Fits into your laptop box or laptop compartment)
  • Modular design for easy assembly and removal (no tools required)
  • Premium quality aluminum with black anti-reflective finish


If you are a studio photographer or a digital tech on location, then the Tablez SP-160 + LS-25 is the portable table solution for you.


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The Tabelz laptop approved system also allows for accessories to be attached on both ends of the table. There are platform accessories like the ST-60 side table for use for a mouse or just additional workspace that i wouldn’t mind picking up as extra space is always appreciated. The TS1 accessory arm seems to also be a must have which allows you to extend your workspace to accept a tripod ballhead to attach a camera or a microphone. There is also another accessory that might be of benefit which is the CHI cup holder kit. Although,  I feel that the ST-60 and TS1 accessory arm are the must have accessories for your Tablez SP-160 +LS-25. I’ll try to obtain the two accessories of importance and write some editorials in the future to talk about how it’s helped my workflow.

Have I also mentioned that the Tablez laptop platform can also be used in a non-photography capacity? Well, the Tablez was also the perfect table to act as a point of sale station that securely supported a cash box.


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So don’t think you’ll be limited to use the Tablez for photography only, it’s an everyday use product. I even use the Tablez SP-160 to support the Pioneer DDJWeGO2 as I mix. You can check out my first practice mix here on mixcloud if you like EDM.


Disclosure: We’ve received this product at no cost for this review. The views and opinion expressed in this review are mine.__


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