Pure amazement that a flash is now available for  iPhones. We are no longer bound by the ugly on camera flash of our iPhones. I love how there is flexibility to change the white balance from cool to warm. The Nova app is easy to use.

The test button is similar to the modeling button on your off camera flash to see how the light will fall on the subject. I LOVE IT.

The size of the Nova flash is the size of a credit card which makes it great to have a flash with you at all times with the Nova flash. My Nova actually lives in my small two-fold pocket wallet and the Nova fits perfectly in the drivers license slot. This configuration is perfect for food photography as I can easily use the two fold wallet to hold up the light next to the orange in this case. I’ve included two versions. The first version is using Nova as an edge light and the room ceiling light as the main. The second version is using Nova as the primary light source as a side light.

NOVA as an Edge light and ceiling light as the main and fill




NOVA as the primary side light source




Wow!!!!! Like many people that first see the Nova in action, I was at pure amazement how well the Nova works and creates that off camera lighting effect with just an iPhone device.

My first use of the Nova was while waiting for a company meeting to start and it was of my friend in an outdoor hallway with buildings in direct light . Therefore, without the use of the Nova, my friend would either be completely dark because the iPhone would be exposing for the background/buildings or the background would be completely blow out. Thanks to the Nova, I was able to expose for both the background and the subject in shade. This product is huge in the world of iphonegraphy. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get approval to use my friends picture for the article. Therefore, I wanted to share two other situations and images that wouldn’t be possible without the Nova.

The 1st image was taken during a friend’s wedding. The lighting of the cake was very flat and without the Nova it would just be that flat. With the use of the Nova flash, I was able to position the Nova to camera right or should i say iPhone right and create some dimension and drama to this cake shot which also allowed for the cake piping of the vows to be more apparent.


I only wished that there was the ability to use more than one Nova. Once this happens, I don’t think the need to bring my DSLR to these types of events would be necessary.

The image below was taken at my wife’s clay craft class, where she creates lightweight clay flower accessories seen here: .


The lighting similar to the wedding was flat but with the Nova, I was able to bring the light closer to the center of the flower to create a favorable shadow falloff which could only be achieved with either a big constant light source or a big flash for dslr but nothing for the iPhone until now with the Nova.

Let me ask you a question. Were you able to tell if the cake and/or flower image was captured using an iphone? No..right? I am telling you the Nova is amazing. The iphone is the new consumer camera and the Nova is a must have accessory for the iPhone.

A FEW OF THE FEATURES I FOUND MOST USEFUL FOR EVERYONE: (view a full listing at the manufacturer website

  • Small form factor
  • Bluetooth
  • 40 diffused warm and cool LEDs
  • Free Nova iPhone App which allows the control of color of light



Say goodbye to the point and shoot. Now all you need is an iPhone and a Nova. The iPhone and Nova combination might actually be better than the point and shoot combination as the flash can be off camera which allows for a more flattering light output.

Therefore, if you already have an iPhone device, then all you need is a Nova and leave your point and shoot behind. If you are like me that HATES bringing multiple items everywhere, then the Nova solution is a no brainer. My only wish is that you would be able to use multiple Novas and the ability to manually control the output of each Nova flash. If this happens, then I might consider switching to this Nova solution for future website product shots or blog feature articles. Nova if you are listening, this option would be a huge product offering for food bloggers and all bloggers alike.

If you are wondering how I was able to capture the Nova light in action, I used the TriggerTrap version one and the light trigger option which fired the camera when the lighting situation changed due to the Nova.



Disclosure: We’ve received this product at no cost for this review. The views and opinion expressed in this review are mine.


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