The Mindshift Gear Rotation 180 at first glance looks like a heavy duty hiking bag which is a huge plus. We photographers these day’s don’t want to advertise that we are carrying gear so the rotation 180 is perfect. When you then examine the external compartments you’ll find a place for the main necessities on a photography trek. Your tripod can be placed at the bottom of the pack but once you do that the element of disguise is no more.

I love how there is a compartment large enough for a camera and lens in the backside where your back lays against and the feature that is most appealing to me is the rotating bottom portion that holds a camera and an attached lens  that you could easily retrieve.

You will find two top compartments to carry easy to access items like a rocket blower or your wallet etc.

The Mindshift Gear Rotation 180 has so many functional compartments, I can’t wait to try to use each and every available pouch.


Wowza. I can’t believe the  different  layers  in the  Mindshift Gear  otation 180 has available at your disposal.

I decided to use the Mindshift Gear Rotation 180 for a  photoshoot at a local garden where the use of “Professional” equipment results in a higher entry fee. Well Since, the  photoshoot isn’t a commercial shoot tII need a bag that didn’t look like a camera bag and the Mindshift Gear Rotation 180 looked more like a hiking backpack than a photography backup which went to my favor.

I only brought one DSLR and a 14-24 lens which was stored in the belt pouch which revealed itself when rotating 180 degrees. In the center compartment instead of another camera , I stored  one flash and numerous modifiers and remote triggers to wirelessly trigger  my flashes and or camera if it made sense.   The top  compartment held items that needed to be easily accessed such as  lens  cleaning solution and  business cards. The bottom layer of the top pouch held items that I didn’t want to be easily accessed like extra  batteries  and compact flash cards. On the side zippered compartments i used to store a manfrotto superclamp attached to a ballhead and on the other side more  gear that will allow me to mount my flashes to any surface.  The small pouch to the side of the belt compartment that rotates 180 degrees i store spare compact flash card and battery for fast and easy access.

Again this configuration of gear will change based on the  photoshoot.  For  my first use of the Mindshift Gear 180 it surely didn’t disappoint as I was able to retrieve my gear at ease  and without  having to touch the ground which is important for dirty locations.

The best part was of course the ease of rotating the bottom  belt compartment 180 degrees to reveal the camera and when it’s no longer needed, I was able to almost immediately hide my camera. This bag is a must have for locations where professional equipment is prohibited .

A FEW OF THE FEATURES I FOUND MOST USEFUL FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: (view a full listing at the manufacturer website

  • Abundance of compartments that are configured well
  • Easy access of camera by simply rotating the belt compartment
  • Memory Foam back panel with Air Mesh Channel
  • Expandable


If you are landscape and or urban photographer, then the Mindshift  Gear Rotation 180 Professional is  a must have bag in your collection of bags as you know there  isn’t a one bag for every purpose. This bag surely excels in an outdoor nature type of environment and location where being discreet is a must.

Disclosure: We’ve received this product at no cost for this review. The views and opinion expressed in this review are mine.



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