Similar to other Lumiquest Softbox items the Lumiquest Softbox LTp is very easy to setup and breakdown.

The Lumiquest Softbox LTP is a perfect size. It fits perfectly in the laptop area of your camera backpack or camera messenger bag.


It’s now no surprise the quality of light Lumiquest Softboxes produce and light using the Lumiquest Softbox LTp was no different.  From the sample below all I used to eliminate my face was the Lumiquest Softbox LTp which was camera right about 4 feet 45 degrees. The background light you see is from a bar Nikon Flash below the lamp and the couch and wall light is coming from the Lumiquest Softbox III.

The example shoot you are looking at is from a self portrait shoot I did while at Vegas celebrating my fiancés birthday. I wanted studio quality light without the extra baggage which is why I took my 3 Nikon Flashes and the Lumiquest Softbox LTp , the Lumiquest Softbox III and the Snoot XTR.  I can’t share images of the fiance as she is not a fan of taking pictures and sharing it with the world.


  • Easy to install to flash
  • Folds flat when not in use
  • Big enough to produce a quality soft light

If you want even softer directional softbox light on the go, then it is a no brainer and pick up the Lumiquest Softbox LTp. They are even big enough to create an edge light with two Lumiquest Softbox LTp side to side and stack vertically on the long side.  So if you have four flashes make sure you buy 4 Lumiquest Softbox LTps and give it a try.

I hope to pick up some more LTps and give it a try and share the results with you all.

Disclosure: We’ve received this product at no cost for this review. The views and opinion expressed in this review are mine.


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Product image from Lumiquest website.


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