At first I was a little concerned about whether my Nikon SB-910 would be too heavy for the ABS plastic construction of the Joby Flash Clamp & Locking Arm but I was pleasantly suprised how secure it appeared on the system.

The way the Joby Flash Clamp and Locking Arm was constructed was absolute genius. The design of the Flash Clamp and Locking Arm allowed for quick setup to any surface that fits in between the clamps which in my first application you will see below was perfect.


Wow Wow Wow Wow. Now I can leave my heavy and bulky Manfrotto Super Clamp Light setup

The only benefit i see with bringing along the Manfroto Super Clamp Light Setup is if i plan to also mount my camera during the photo shoot. If remote camera triggering isn’t in the plans, I will surely leave the heavy light setup and bring the Joby Flash Clamp and Locking arm system. That is what I did when I was invited by my sister-in-law to attend my niece’s recital.

Like with every photo shoot…even photo shoots that I capture for my family, I follow my photoshoot planning process that includes location scouting, sun tracking with the use of the lightrac iPad app etc..)

I was told the stage was located in the back lawn area and would be slightly shaded since the receital time was around 1PM.

From the information presented:
1. I knew that I needed enought light to provide appropriate fill light to illumnate the face and reduce “racoon eyes” which are the dark shadows around the eyes produced by harsh light directly from above.
2. Since there would be a lot of kids and parents running around the stage, I knew that a light stand was out of the question and since I brought my telephoto it isn’t necessary to mount my camera close to the stage and remote target.

PhotographySILO_20140509untitled shoot_LAP2777

Therefore, I knew that the recital would be a great opportunity to use the Joby Flash and Clamp. I first mounted the first flash and Pocketwizard Flex TT5 to the steel frame of the stage to act as an edge light for dimension. The 2nd flash was then attached to the speaker stand in front of the stage which allowed me to face the flash to the performers for the light to act as a fill.

PhotographySILO_20140509untitled shoot_LAP2833

Due to privacy concerns, I will be unable to post pictures of the child performers but just take my word for it, the fill flash was perfect and would not be possible if it wasn’t for the flexiblity and versatility of the Joby Flash clamp and locking arm.


A FEW OF THE FEATURES I FOUND MOST USEFUL FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: (view a full listing at the manufacturer website

  • Removable Flash Shoe
  • Two articulating ball joints let you position your flash at any angle
  • Sliding locking arm moves quickly to accomadate as thin as a stop sign or a table up to 2” /5cm in width.

If you are looking for a way to mount you flash in locations where a tripod isn’t allowed or just not feasible, then the Joby Flash clamp and locking arm is your best option. This device has a small form factor and light to carry allowing for a more portable flash mounting kit.

Disclosure: We’ve received this product at no cost for this review. The views and opinion expressed in this review are mine.

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