This is the first time I’ve used an Ikan bag so I am pleasantly surprised with the build quality and functionality of the product. The viewable window is great and I love that I can remove the bag from the Sling without removing the sling.

FRONT of the Ikan Universal Audio One w/Sling Base
• Looks simple and clean
• It looks like a mini messenger bag from the front

TOP of the Ikan Universal Audio One w/Sling Base
• Clear viewable window that allows you to view any components that are turned on

INSIDE MAIN CHAMBER of the Ikan Universal Audio One w/Sling Base
• There is a divider between the two main compartments and a front pouch
• The back main compartment holds my SONY UWP V6 Wireless Sytem
• The middle main compartment holds my Sennheiser MD 46 with the flag attached.
• The front pouch holds extra cables and batteries which are contained with a Velcro.

BOTTOM of the Ikan Universal Audio One w/Sling Base
• Nada

LEFT SIDE FROM FRONT of the Ikan Universal Audio One w/Sling Base
• A Velcro sealed opening to allow for cables to run through it

RIGHT SIDE FROM FRONT of the Ikan Universal Audio One w/Sling Base
• Another Velcro sealed opening to allow for cables to run through and

BACK of the Ikan Universal Audio One w/Sling Base
• Velcro system to attach to sling base


I put the Ikan Unversal Audio One w/sling base to the test for the first time at WPPI 2012. The Ikan Universal Audio One w/sling base was comfortable to wear as I went from booth to booth for interviews. I was able to easily access my Sennheiser MD 46 and view my wireless system settings without having to opening the bag because of the top viewable window.

You’d be able to see me wearing the Ikan Universal Audio One w/sling base in my interview with Pocketwizard


A FEW OF THE FEATURES I FOUND MOST USEFUL FOR VIDEOGRAPHERS INCLUDE: (view a full listing at the manufacturer website)

• Viewable window
• Durable Water Resistant Construction
• Clip Straps for Wireless Microphones
• Internal Cable Routing Hole


I’ve detailed the specs from the Ikan website below:

Technical Specifications:
• Audio Bag
o 11” x 5” x 9” (LxWxH)
o 0.6lb
o 5”x 7” (W x D – internal)
o Expandable 9” W front pocket
• Sling Base
o 13” x ½” x 14” (L x W x H)
o 0.4lb
o Strap length 17”


If you need a bag to carry your audio gear during tradeshows and want to be comfortable and look good, then you should check out the ikan Universal Audio One w/sling. This audio bag by ikan allowed me to interview vendors and make any set adjustments without having to set my audio equipment on the floor. We all know how easy it is to break and/or lose equipment. I actually still store my audio gear in this bag while it isn’t in use. I simply removed the sling from the audio bag and placed on my shelf. When I need to run on assignment, I simply need to attach the ikan universal audio one to the sling and I am ready to go.

Photo Credit: Lawrence Atienza


Disclosure: We’ve received this product at no cost for this review. The views and opinion expressed in this review are mine.


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