This is one good looking coffee mug. At a distance, you’d never expect the speeCup to be a speaker. I received the white speeCup and i must say, I am liking the pearl like color and matches my wife’s car perfectly.

When I further examined the SpeeCup the controls were intuitive. I really didn’t need to resort to the quick guide and manual till I need to figure out how to activate the Gesture control feature. You are not going to believe how amazingly useful this feature is in the studio, office and on the road of which I will go more in detail later in the review.


photo credit: Lawrence Atienza

The controls are all located at the top of the speeCup for easy access. You have the ability to activate Siri, answer a call, play/stop a song with push of buttons and increase the volume by turning the smartControl clockwise to increase and counter clockwise to decrease the volume. As I said earlier, the design of the speeCup is very intuitive. Wait until you see how it holds up in actual use cases below.


photo credit: Lawrence Atienza



While at the office, the speeCup is now my new daily must use piece of tech for the following reasons.

During every day desk work there is a need to listen to music and to pick up business calls when necessary. Well the speeCup surely doesn’t disappoint. The speeCup is placed on my desk within arms distance. I am working on the computer listening to music and when there is a need to move to the next song or answer my phone I simply wave my hand over the speeCup either left to right or right to left to use gesture control. The hand Gesture feature and Siri voice control are a godsend. These features are great when your hands get dirty after eating some snacks or vice versa. Gesture is by default off so make sure you check the instructions on how to activate.


photo credit: Lawrence Atienza


On days where I need to photograph products or people indoors, the speeCup is configured on my ultimate C-Stand. You can see what I mean by ultimate C-Stand by viewing the video below.

Since the speeCup is the shape of a water bottle, I was able to modify a water bottle holder for the bike and mount to my c-stand.

The reason I integrated the speeCup to my c-stand is so that during shoots my photography assistant can not only adjust my c-stand configuration but also control the speeCup via gesture control to change songs or answer any phone calls I may have since my iPhone would most likely be in my pants pocket. My assistant could also make calls and other tasks commands available via Siri.
The speeCup is again a welcomed edition to the studio environment.


The speeCup use in the car is rare as I have Bluetooth functionality built into my vehicle although the Siri compatible feature allows for easy control of your iPhone if for some reason your built in Bluetooth system doesn’t work in your car, the speeCup is a lifesaver.


The speeCup with its functional shape of a mug is able to fit perfectly in my photography camera bag side pouch. Since the actual speaker portion of the speeCup is at the top of the speaker, the sound output is not restricted by the bag’s pouch.

A FEW OF THE FEATURES I FOUND MOST USEFUL FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: (view a full listing at the manufacturer website

  • Portability (Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery for up to 20hrs of use
  • Bluetooth range up to 30 feet
  • Intuitive top mounted smartControl includes Gesture control for handsfree operation

A photography hobbyist or a professional photographer you’d find the speeCup indispensible in all areas. Whether you need to take a conference call with family or clients, play some music during a studio shoot; perform handsfree mobile tasks while on the road and blast music outdoors on a picnic or a photo session you are covered with the speeCup. Let’s just say that the speeCup is used practically every day.


photo credit: Lawrence Atienza


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