Let’s just say this Element case by far the coolest looking and greatest feeling iPhone case I’ve ever used. The Element Rogue Ducati iPhone case when installed doesn’t feel as if it added too much size to the iPhone. This is amazing. The aluminum side rails and carbon fiber protective back plate helps make the Element Rogue Ducati phone case feel like a muscular iPhone by keeping it consistent to what an iPhone should feel like. The Element Rogue iPhone case actually made it easier to handle the iPhone with it’s side contour and design.



photo credit: Lawrence Atienza

The Element Rogue Ducati iPhone case also comes with a belt clip viewing stand that allows the case to be used with various mounts such as the zip mount, clamp mount, surface mount and bike mount.


photo credit: Lawrence Atienza


Wow. The Element Rogue Ducati iPhone case for the iPhone 5/5s feels great in my hand. The contours on the top and bottom of the case provide a natural groove to support with your fingers as you hold the phone therefore offering a better grip while holding your phone in operation.


photo credit: Lawrence Atienza

I found myself taking calls, checking messages and playing games with ease by just using one hand.
The installation was rather simple but it was not what I am accustomed to when dealing with iPhone cases. The Element Rogue Ducati iPhone case is composed of 9 pieces. Yes, 9 pieces which are the (2) aluminum side rails (1) carbon fiber protective back plate (1) Shock absorbing chassis (4) plastic corner inserts and (1) plastic switch for vibrate and ring switch.

If the Element Rogue Ducati iPhone case is your sole protection case for your iPhone then the multiple items is really not an issue but if you are like me and use multiple iPhone cases for different uses then the number of pieces to assemble is a factor. Believe me when I say that because the case is far superior to other cases for protection, which also gives a sense of style, I don’t have a problem with the numerous pieces. It’s worth the time to assemble this fine piece of case.


photo credit: Lawrence Atienza

The included belt clip and viewing stand is also amazing. The design of the viewing stand allows you to also use it as a belt clip and also a means to attach the iPhone to numerous available options mounts that are sold separately.


photo credit: Lawrence Atienza

The surface mount is great as I am able to use it as a stand for my desk but also mount on your car window which then will allow your iPhone to be comfortably used as a GPS.


photo credit: Lawrence Atienza

The clamp mount is connected to my light stand whenever I need to utilize my iPhone as a camera trigger via Trigger Trap mobile


photo credit: Lawrence Atienza

The zip mount was used to affix the iPhone to a pole for out a distance iPhone photography and video.


photo credit: Lawrence Atienza

As you can see with these mounts or just on it’s own the Element Rogue Ducati iPhone case is surely one of the best iPhone cases I’ve ever used.

A FEW OF THE FEATURES I FOUND MOST USEFUL FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: (view a full listing at the manufacturer website

  • Mountable
  • Doesn’t add too much size to the iPhone and also makes it easier to hold by design



If you want an iPhone case that doesn’t add too much size to your iPhone but feel confident that your iPhone is protected and looks good, then the Element Rogue Ducati iPhone case is for you. I’ve tested the protection ability first hand as I dropped my iPhone twice at a distance of about 3-4 feet on hard concrete with no visible damage to my iPhone. From then, I was confident and trust that my iPhone is protected with the Element Rogue iPhone case.


Disclosure: We’ve received this product at no cost for this review. The views and opinion expressed in this review are mine.

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