Amazed what such a small form factor can achieve in the sense of not only providing a means to stream video but also deliver audio. The Dropcam HD feels solid in the hand.  It’s great that the drop cam can function without the stand so if it could be easily hidden for discreet monitoring as long as there is a nearby power outlet. The usb cable used to power the device was long enough for most locations.



Wow. First off you get a two week trial of cloud storage which will allow you to record the video footage for later access. Well before I start, let me detail how I plan to use the Dropcam for events.

Since the dropcam has a small form factor and doesn’t require external storage, it’s perfect to bring along on events such as weddings.  So you might be wondering where does the recorded footage goes right? Well like i mentioned earlier the footage is streamed via wifi and saved on the dropcam cloud. The only obstacle I have for each wedding is to first ensure that the venue has wifi to stream the footage. So once you confirm the venue has WIFI that you could use then you’re good to go.

As with anything new, I don’t recommend using the dropcam for the first time at a wedding. So my first use case for the Dropcam HD was at my home. Let’s just say that I could have used the dropcam out of the box for an event because it was very easy to setup and start streaming footage.

In a matter of a few minutes, I was able to configure the Dropcam HD just the way I like it.  I was able to enable or disable the microphone to turning on and off the night vision. You can also zoom to different areas right from my mobile device.

A few things I noticed to keep in mind when using for an event are detailed below:

  1. Don’t use nightvision when the camera is pressed onto glass. All you’ll see are bright lights. So if you need to shoot through a window simply deactivate night vision and turn on lights.
  2. Don’t cover the vents of the Dropcam as this does get hot and need sufficient airflow. So please take that into consideration when placing your Dropcam HD in a hidden location.
  3. Activate the motion notifications via location services on mobile device. Imagine being notified when at another location that something is about to start.

A FEW OF THE FEATURES I FOUND MOST USEFUL FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: (view a full listing at the manufacturer website.

  • Ability to record to a cloud and stream live. (This allows you to provide your clients a recorded video of their event along with the ability for their guests to view them live online from anywhere with internet access)
  • Ability to control and update the settings of the Dropcam HD via a mobile device or web app.

Let’s just say the many uses of the Dropcam HD makes it a buy. Whenever you aren’t using the Dropcam HD for your events, Weddings etc. You can simply use the Dropcam HD for its intended purpose which is to monitor your home and business.


It looks like another version of the Dropcam was recently released. It’s called the Dropcam Pro which includes buffed up specs that may be of interest to you depending on your primary use.

I am hoping to receive the new Dropcam Pro to review and also do a real life comparison between the two and determine if the “PRO” model warrants the extra $$ to the Dropcam HD. So stay tuned.

Disclosure: We’ve received this product at no cost for this review. The views and opinion expressed in this review are mine.

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image credit: Images taken from Dropcam website.


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