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June 4, 2010

Photography FAQ: How much should i spend on my photography hobby?

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Written by: Lawrence
I know we all ask this question in the beginning but do not really know the answer until it is too late. Maybe 10k later and the question has yet to be answered. There is always a new lens, a new camera, a new light modifier etc…. Especially if you want to make some money from your hobby, the expenses will never end. I am definitely learning it the hard way. I’ve said to myself that from this point on, I will not spend anymore of my money on photography. The plan was to have the hobby pay for itself. That hasn’t happened as of yet. I hope that will soon change.

So if you think all you need is a digital SLR body and a lens, you are sadly mistaken. I assure you, the list of expenses will not end.


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  1. Lee Fruchter

    Photography is about finding the appropriate light and shadows and compose a great picture. It is not the camera, it is the photographer. I know great photographers that understand the science of capturing light without using the most expensive equipment.

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