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November 25, 2013

Photography Equipment Nikon Wedding Photography Equipment – What’s in our bags ULTIMATE edition

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Written by: Lawrence

I get many questions on what wedding photography equipment I bring for large and small weddings. Well, I’ve detailed the most common gear setup for Large and small weddings in the 6 part video series and also provided a supplemental below with the links to the products for easy purchase.

It’s about an hour and a few minutes worth of video that not only details the gear but also explains why the type of wedding photography gear was included in the kit.


If you are interested on any of the products mentioned, then please support the site by purchasing the products using the affiliate links to the products below.



–       FOUR #176 Manfrotto Clips (To mount flashes to light stand pole)

–       FIVE Manfrotto Super Clamps (To mount flashes and camera to rails, rafters and tree branches)

–       ONE Paul C Buff Alien Bee ABR800 with reflector(Ringlight Studio Strobe 400 watt seconds to create high fashion no shadow look and as a fill light)

–       ONE Paul C Buff Alien Bee AB800 with 7 inch reflector (Studio Strobe 400 watt seconds)

–       Grids for Strobes varying in degrees from 10 degrees to 40 degrees (Narrow beam of light)

–       THREE sync cables from

–       THREE Pocketwizard AC9 (allows to connect strobes with AC3 attached to Flex TT5 on camera for remote power output control)

–       FOUR bungee cords (to help secure light stands to a heavy object like speakers or a table)

–       ONE Toothbrush and toothpaste

–       ONE Box cutter

–       ONE Shoe Shine


–       ONE 3M hook (to place dress in non traditional areas of the room)

–       ONE 5-1 reflector

–       ONE Thinktank Photo Pixel sunscreen (help shade laptop in outdoor use)

–       THREE Lumiquest UltraStrap

–       THREE Flash Stands

–       ONE Thinktank Photo Gel Wallet (used to hold small gels for flashes)

–       ONE Quantum flash cable for SB-25s

–       ONE X-Rite Colorchecker passport (calibrate images with monitor)

–       ONE Dremel multi-tool

–       ONE Sekonic L357 Lightmeter

–       FOUR Pocketwizard Flex TT5

–       ONE Pocketwizard AC3 (Allows flash output control of remote flashes)

–       THIRTY SIX AA Enloop batteries

–       FOUR Pocketwizard Plus 3

–       ONE Giotto Rocket Blower

–       TWO Sets of Gary Fong Collapsible plastic gels (Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green)

–       Multiple Gary Fong Color domes (Green, Yellow, Gray, Pink, White)

–       ONE Nikon SB-600

–       THREE Nikon SB-25 Flashes

–       TWO Nikon SD-8 (Extended battery packs for SB-25 flashes)

–       ONE Nikon SD-9 ( Extended battery pack for SB-900 flashes)

–       TWO Nikon SB-900 Flashes

–       ONE Opteka Grid for Flash (tighter flash beam control)

–       TWO Gary Fong Collapsible Snoots with grids

–       ONE Gary Fong Collapsible Lightsphere

–       ONE Roll of Gaffer tape

–       SIX IKEA Led Candles

–       FIVE Gorilla Pod SLR-Zooms with ballheads (Used for small flashes) ONE Gorilla Pod Focus with ballhead X ( Used for Camera)

–       ONE Mod Strap (Used to carry camera and also light stand)

–       TWO Motorola FRS TWO-Way Radios

–       TWO push to talk secret service type headpieces  (allows me to discretely communicate with assistant at a distance)

–       ONE Manfrotto Super Clamp attached to Joby Ballhead X

–       ONE 175 Manfrotto Clip




–       ONE Colorwheel (Help choose backgrounds that compliment client clothing)

–       ONE iPhone 3g (used for triggertrap mobile app and dongle)

–       FOUR Lumiquest Softbox LTPs

–       ONE Lumiquest Softbox III

–       ONE Lumiqust Snoot XTR

–       ONE Airport 4-sight pouch (Holds various cables for ipads, headstrap, eyefi adapter)

–       ONE Thinktank Photo DSLR Battery Holder 4

–       ONE Mindshift Contact sheet (used to keep clean when laying on the ground)

–       ONE Nikkor 50mm 1.8 (What you see through your eyes perspective)

–       ONE Hoodman Right angle eyepiece adapter (allows me to shoot low without being on the floor)

–       ONE Contour GPS POV camera

–       ONE Contour headstrap

–       ONE Hoodman LCD viewer

–       ONE Tamron 17-50mm 2.8 (Establishing shots and group portraits

–       ONE Nikkor 14-24mm 2.8 (Landscape with couple, group portraits, architecture)

–       ONE WonderPana 66 Nikkor 14-24mm Filter adapter to allow for rectangular filters)

–       ONE WonderPana Free Arc (Allows complete rotation with the rectangular filter)

–       ONE Thinktank Photo Pixel Pocket Rocket (Holds 4 compact flash cards and 3 SD cards)

–       ONE Eye-Fi 16gb pro X2 (Allows for wireless transfer of images and video to computer or mobile device via wifi)

–       ONE Thinktank Photo Pixel Pocket Rocket SD ( Holds 9 SD cards)

–       ONE Peak Design Cuff (Tethers camera to wrist) For photographySILO readers you can get 10% OFF your entire order by entering the coupon code “photosilo” at the peak design website. (if you click the link to the left, the coupon code has already been applied)

–       ONE Roll of Gaffer Tape

–       ONE lens cleaner and cloth

–       ONE Nikon Shutter release

–       ONE NIKON D300s DSLR

–       ONE NIKON D200 DSLR

–       ONE NIKKOR 70-200mm 2.8 (For portraits, ceremony)

–       ONE Trigger Trap mobile Dongle

–       ONE Pocketwizard N90n (connect pocketwizard to Nikon D300s for remote camera trigger)

–       ONE Pocketwizard N10 ACC-D200 (connect pocketwizard to Nikon D200 for remote camera trigger)

–       ONE Trigger Trap V1 (Allows for laser interruption as a triggering method)

–       ONE HOYA circular polarizer for 70-200mm 2.8

–       ONE Lenspen

–       TWO Ikan 312b  Dual color temperature LED lights

If you have any suggestions on other types of photography gear I should include in my Wedding Photography Kit, then please send me an email or leave a comment with your suggestion and I’ll take a look.


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Thank you!

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