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November 8, 2011

Online invoice template for Free. YES FREE

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Written by: Lawrence


  Yes, we photographers love free. In this information age, us photographers can almost find anything for free if you really search for it online. In this case, I will be talking about creating an invoice for free. Yes, you’ve heard right a free invoice template for all you photographers on a budget.

Before, I had to use QuickBooks to create invoices , which costs about $199 for a so-called invoice software. If you are just starting out in the photography business, you don’t need to spend hundreds for software to bill for photography services as you can easily find free alternatives online.

I wish I knew back in the day that there was an online resource that creates an invoice for free.

If you don’t have a photography budget for billing software and you simply use excel and simply need an invoice for free, then you should

.  All you need to do is visit to access the free invoice template and edit the invoice for free and print as necessary for your photography projects.

When you get to, you simply need to click on any field and start typing. With this free invoice template, photographers can even print your photography invoices for free and even save in PDF the completed invoice for free. I can’t stress how great this resource is for photographers on a budget.

Give it a try. What do you have to lose it’s a free invoice template.

If you know of another website to access a free invoice template, then please share it in a comment below to your fellow photographers.



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