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April 26, 2015

Manfrotto Magic arm is truly magical

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Written by: Lawrence


Manfrotto magic arm is truly magical and I’ll tell you why.  With this  amazingly magical photography accessory, you are able to articulate a piece of metal into different positions and lock into place with a single knob.

It’s truly magical to be able to configure this photography accessory to your hearts desire and lock in place with one hand. Of course the Manfrotto Magic Arm alone isn’t enough to reach it’s maximum potential. The addition of a manfrotto superclamp allows the Manfrotto Magic arm to be truly magical as the uses become almost endless as you’ll see in the section below. You’ll love it more. I surely do!



Mount for remote camera  

(materials = Manfrotto 244 variable Magic Arm, Manfrotto 035 Superclamp, two Pocketwizard plus III, Pocket Wizard camera trigger cable, and Joby ballhead)

If you are a press photographer or friends with one that photographs red carpet events like the Oscars, you will come to realize that the Manfrotto magic arm is a necessity. As you can imagine, there are times where you need two different angles of a subject but have limited time. Therefore, the only solution is to have a remotely triggered camera mounted on a TV monitor pole at the opposite side of the room for a different perspective.




Mount for camera when tripods aren’t allowed

(materials = Manfrotto 244 variable Magic Arm, Manfrotto 035 Superclamp, Manfrotto 013 double ended spigot and Joby Ballhead)

Have you been to a location where it specifically states that tripods aren’t allowed? Well, if you’ve been to places such as Union Station in Los Angeles or majority of public areas with a lot of foot traffic, you’ll know that tripods are frowned upon by owners and security guards.
Thankfully, I have a magic photography accessory with me at all times on location.  I can simply use rails and poles around me to mount my camera with my trusty Manfrotto Magic arm with the use of the Manfrotto superclamp. A ballhead is also very important component to your camera mount as it will allow you to position your camera in the most obscure locations.

I was able to use this camera mount configuration to support my Nikon D810 with a Nikkor 70-200mm 2.8 lens with no issue. Make sure you follow the weight limitations of the manfrotto superclamp to ensure safe use.


Additional Support component for camera slider  

(materials = Manfrotto 244 variable Magic Arm, Manfrotto 035 Superclamp and Manfrotto 013 double ended spigot)

If you are a cinematographer that uses a camera slider longer than 2 feet, then you will surely need a support when used on a tripod.  You’ll notice that when you use a 2 feet or less slider on a tripod, the stability of the rig is questionable when the camera slides to each end of the slider. Well, that is where the Manfrotto magic arm comes into play. You will simply need to clamp one end with the Manfrotto super clamp to the neck of the tripod and the other end of the Magic arm connected to the Manfrotto 013 double ended spigot to the other end of the camera slider.



Photography studio light or video light mount

(materials = Manfrotto 244 variable Magic Arm,  Manfrotto 035 Superclamp and Joby Ballhead X)

If you are a strobist, then this photography accessory configuration is a must to have in your camera bag. Similar to situations where a tripod is prohibited to use in public a light stand is also prohibited. Therefore, the only way to secure a light is to use this manfrotto magic arm configuration. You will simply need to secure the manfrotto superclamp end to a rail or pole and the other end directly into the studio strobe or LED light with a Joby Ballhead X.


Camera L bracket to mount off camera light

(materials = Manfrotto 244 variable Magic Arm, Manfrotto 035 Superclamp, Manfrotto 143BKT camera platform and Manfrotto 013 double ended spigot)

There are times where you find yourself without a rail or pole to mount your light. Well, that is where this camera mount configuration comes to place that provides you the ability for off camera light with an L bracket configuration. You simply use the Manfrotto 143BKT camera platform on one end and the Manfrotto 013 double ended spigot on the other end.

If I can think of any other uses of the Manfrotto Magic Arm, I’ll make sure to write a follow up to this post as a part 2. So make sure you come back to daily or at least weekly.



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