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November 18, 2013

The LED video light that saved the day for photography and Videography

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Written by: Lawrence

Have you ever captured a wedding where all the decorations looked beautiful along with the lighting (up lights) except there wasn’t a spotlight for the main stage Father/Daughter dance?

Well this recently occurred at a Debut (Filipino 18 year old coming out party for the female) I attended to shadow a videographer for a promo.

As stated before, the Marriot at Long Beach had beautiful house lights and chandeliers that provided a great looking ceiling but it provided a plain light across the room.  For portions of the event where the attention should be focused on the dance floor, there needed to be a separate light just for the dance floor.

Well that is where the Fotodiox DY-200 LED Video Light Fresnel saved the day. The videographers that covered the event only had a small video light on top of the DSLR and the house lights to work with so that if used without the Fotodiox DY-200 LED Video Light Fresnel called for not so spectacular lighting.  With the Fotodiox DY-200 LED Video light Fresnel the videographers had a lot more to work with in terms of creative vision.



The Fotodiox DY-200 LED Video light Fresnel daylight balanced version (so I had to gel with CTO) to color correct with the house lights was placed at the back of the room next to the DJ. This made the Fotodiox DY-200 LED Video Light Fresnel not stand like a sore thumb.  I also removed the barn doors as it wasn’t necessary for the event and the light was raised at about 14 feet and it would have been difficult to adjust the barn doors when needed. The barndoors were also not used because the Fotodiox DY-200 LED Video light Fresnel was able to focus in and focus out the beam when necessary.

Fotodiox-DY-200_Fresnel__LAP0145-2 Fotodiox-DY-200_Fresnel__LAP0153-2



  • Act as dual purpose light for the event.  Since the client didn’t purchase a spotlight for the dance floor, the Fotodiox DY-200 LED Video Light Fresnel was used as the event dance floor spotlight and of course it’s main purpose as the main light for the videographers. With the ability to remotely adjust the light intensity and focus ability of the beam, I was able to change the settings a few feet from the light. The feature to remotely focus the beam came in handy during the handing out the gifts portion of the ceremony where the Debutante is at the center of the dance floor and I was able to focus the light to only her which provided a cool dramatic look to the video footage. The ability to adjust the focus of the beam also came in handy during the court dance where the debutante and all her friends from the court perform a dance number which required a wide beam of light to illuminate the dance floor and one Fotodiox DY-200 LED Video Light Fresnel did great for a approx. 30×30 dance floor at full power.
  • Back light or edge light for stills and video. You’ll need to simply shift position so that the Fotodiox DY-200 LED Video Light Fresnel light is facing the camera and the light is able to provide sufficient edge lighting to the video and images.
  • Illuminate the ceremony table for details. (I was able to use the light from the Fotodiox DY-200 LED Video light Fresnel to illuminate the table centerpiece for a product shot)


  • GoPro and Contour Plus 2 main light. The GoPro and Contour Plus 2 were mounted on the lightstand of the Fotodiox DY-200 LED Video light Fresnel via manfrotto superclamps. The Fotodiox DY-200 Video light Fresnel provided a great constant light source for these POV camera’s.

In conclusion, if you are a fusion artist (Video and Photo) the Fotodiox DY-200 LED Video Light Fresnel is a great investment to satisfy both your offerings as it provides great light control for different photo and video effects.

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Photo credit for all images and video by: Lawrence Atienza



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