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July 20, 2015

iPhone watch officially the Apple watch is a photographer’s BEST Friend

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Written by: Lawrence
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With the release of what most people still cost the iPhone watch, the craze is considerably at a minimum compared to what you normally witness when a new iPhone is released. The perceived lack of craze of the Apple watch is possibly due to the Only order online strategy Apple employed for the iPhone watch at launch.

Lack of craze or craze, I am glad I bought one even if it took a few months after release.  As you read through, you’ll see why I finally succumb to the Apple buzz and bought the Apple Watch Sport Space Gray.


iPhone Watch is here or should I notate what is officially called “The Apple Watch” But for the sake of this article and how the majority of people still search for iPhone Watch instead of Apple Watch, I’ll refer to the Apple Watch as the iPhone Watch.



As I mentioned earlier, I went with the Apple Watch Sport Space Gray (aluminum) at 42mm which is sold at a whopping $399 compared to The Apple Watch (stainless steel) starting at $549 for 38mm and Apple Watch Edition (gold) starting at $10,000 for 38mm.


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Now you know how cost was a pretty steep barrier to entry for a wearable wrist computer or should I say “iPhone watch”.  Even the Apple Watch Sport starting at $349 for 38mm is steep for a dumbed down “iPhone watch”. I say dumbed down because it can’t handle the processor intensive programs like the iPhone.  With the cost of the lowest price Apple watch equal or at times even more than an iPhone, you might have some high expectations. I still think the iPhone Watch is worth it which you will see later on.  Also, did I mention that the iPhone Watch was a gift.


In terms of memory, you are stuck with a whopping 5gb for apps including about 1GB allocated for music that you want to store and listen to without your phone connection. I was able to convince myself to overlook this item because I don’t heavily listen to stored music anyway. I mainly stream music now, so limited memory space isn’t a deal breaker. Therefore, the majority of the memory at least for my use would be for Apps. You’ll also come to realize that you don’t necessarily want each and every available app on your watch.

First Generation

As a first generation Apple product user, we know how this goes. Something better will come out a year after and you’ll end up buying what’s new to stay relevant. This was surely a fear of mine but then I realized that one my iPhone watch was a gift and two, I usually end up purchasing and being happy with a 3rd generation product. Therefore, why don’t I get the iPhone watch first and it will hold me down for a few years till the 3rd generation is released and hand down my first generation iPhone watch to my wife. Only of course if the first generation iPhone watch is not obsolete.



Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to for the most part use your phone purely as a phone? Well as an iPhone watch user, you’ll surely not miss your iPhone.


Imagine a life where:

  • Notifications are no longer draining your iPhone’s battery.
  • You don’t need to take the phone out of your pocket to respond to a simply yes or no question.
  • You don’t get lazy setting a timer, an alarm or a reminder because now it takes only seconds and hands-free.
  • You no longer need to search for your apple tv remote.
  • You don’t need to constantly look at your phone for directions.

Let’s say I imagine no longer.

Time savings

Wowza. If I were to sit down and actually quantify how much time I’ve saved by referencing my iPhone Watch instead of my iPhone, you’d see a bar graph with a sharp lift representing time saved.

As mentioned in the convenience section, its no longer necessary to reach for my phone for notification checks or setting of alarms  or reminders which pre- iPhone watch would certainly would have taken me an additional 5-10 seconds which can certainly add up.


Apple in its genius designed the iPhone watch to allow for easy removal and replacement of the Apple watch bands. If you are an avid watch user, you know how much of a pain it is to change bands and or links.

With a simple press of a small button located at the backside of the watch, the bands are released from its magnetic hold.

Because of the ease of band switches I ended up purchasing a band and receiving another band to check out:


    1. The Apple watch sport band:
      1. Material – fluoroelastomer
      2. Uses – Workouts and Work use when casual
      3. Benefit – Used for everyday use due to it’s material. The plastic like material works well when you perspire. Also if you find yourself on a laptop or computer for the majority of the day, the band doesn’t scratch against the keyboard.
      4. Tip –  Use in situations where you find yourself in a humid or wet environment.


    1. The Apple black leather loop:
      1. Material – Venezia leather
      2. Uses – Adds a bit of class to the Apple Watch Sport Space Gray
      3. Benefit – Used for occasion when you want to dress up your watch. The magnetic closing mechanism makes putting on the Apple watch easy.
      4. Tip – Try not to get wet or rub the edges to sharp surfaces as the leather can fray. It’s a known issue and remember you have 1 year warranty.


    1. DaLuca Two Piece Ballistic Nylon Nato watch strap Olive 22mm:
      1. Material – Super Heavy Duty Ballistic Nylon
      2. Uses – War-zone like situations or just want to look rugged and stylish.
      3. Benefit – The strap is tough and looks like it can take a beating. I am not afraid of the degradation of this strap. Feels tough and would take a lot for it to be cut or damaged.
      4. Tip – I should have asked for the 24mm which is the size of my watch band adapter and the PVD buckle version which is the darker buckle version that best matches my Apple Watch Sport Space Gray. Again, the Nato style band is perfect for casual apparel and activity.


On Wrist Photographer Assistant:

Have you found yourself without an assistant due to financial constraints? Well, if you own an iPhone watch aka Apple Watch, then don’t fear. The majority of tasks you ask from your assistant besides physical assistance of course could be achieved with your Apple watch.

Below are a few tasks required from an assistant that I can achieve with the iPhone watch with examples:

  1. Keep track of time per location – With a simple verbal command of “ Set timer for 5 minute” a timer is set to tap me when time is up.
  2. What is the next pose or scene in the timeline – With the iPhone app called Shot lister, I can easily scroll each scene which includes the time frame the shot needs to be completed to ensure I am on schedule.  Shot lister is mainly used for videographers/filmmakers but it has incredible use for photographers .
  3. Provide a visual example of a pose – By referencing the picture album app, I can quickly scroll through examples of poses to execute.

Camera Trigger:

  • Hands free triggering – With the use of the iPhone app Triggertrap, you’d be able to use the Apple watch to trigger your camera.
    1. Tip: make sure that the screen on your apple watch doesn’t turn off before triggering the camera or it won’t work. I am hoping they would be able to allow the watch to trigger the camera when it is in sleep mode.

Two way Radio:

  • Voice call – if your team has unlimited voice calls, then you can simply keep the call on and you can easily bring your wrist to your mouth and communicate. The quality is surprisingly good. Of course the ambient noise is a factor but for the most part it’s great.
  • Text messaging – Communication is very important and the Apple watch aka iPhone Watch allows for nearly flawless dictation to text even in very loud environments (i’ve tested in a club environment) and the dictation was about 75% accurate which is crazy good.



  • Double tap home = apple pay
  • Double tap crown open last app
  • Hold power button twice to force close app
  • Force touch while viewing notification to clear all
  • Force touch weather to open more options
  • Adjust haptic strength in sounds and haptics
  • Even more haptic go to iphone and enable prominent haptic in sounds and haptics
  • Dismiss Siri as saying never mind
  • Go to iphone custom replies and create new options for quick replies
  • Send location within text by force touch
  • Easy silence ring of call by covering face by hand
  • Setting general select activity on wrist raise and then select last used activity
  • Quick lock cover face with hand
  • Messages setting click default text
  • Reply using Siri by tapping display
  • Calendar view list to today view via force touch
  • More call options when you receive a call by sliding up
  • See red dot means notification
  • Text size. Apple settings go to settings text size
  • How to tell if friends have Apple watch ( have hand)
  • Use dark clock faces to save power
  • Power reserve mode by holding power mode
  • Go to iPhone accessibility and turn on  reduce motion and transparency to save power


The last tip that you can’t live without is below: (you’ll thank me as you’ll never accidentally click on an unintended app)

Use circles of 6 apps



I plan to write a few more articles on my experiences with the Apple watch aka iPhone watch along with accessories so make sure you continually check in or follow me here:

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A huge way to help is to use any of these links when you buy anything regardless of your location in this world. It really doesnít cost you anything but means the world to this site for support. These places have the best prices and service and I recommend each and every one of them.

If you’ve purchased gear using any one of my links or helped otherwise, I really appreciate it and just know you are amazing and a huge help to the growth of the site.

Thank you!

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