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January 22, 2011

How to party like a rock star and SURVIVE WPPI

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Written by: Lawrence
Disclaimer: Follow these tips at your own risk. Results may vary!

Do you only go to WPPI for the Platform, Masters classes and trade show? If you’ve answered yes, then you are not getting the most of your time.

You are possibly already spending a thousand or so to attend this event so might as well party like a rock star too right? That is what I am talking about.

Partying in Vegas is the easy part, it’s surviving it to the point where you could still attend the event is key. So I’ll be going over how to party and survive.

TASK 1: PLAN PLAN PLAN ( Each day allocate time for 3 WPPI event classes) there are a few sites to help with the selection. I’ve tried attending more than 3 WPPI platform or masters classes and was exhausted sitting for 3-4 hours. You may not be active but your brain wears out. You’ll thanks me.  (GOAL: allow your body to survive the partying at night and your brain to retain the information from the day.)

TASK 2: DRINK AND EAT RIGHT (This event can put a toll on your body. You need to drink plenty of fluids preferably water and avoid junk food.) I know the food at MGM can be expensive but do what you can to eat salads and quality protein. (GOAL: provide the body with the energy needed to learn and still have the energy to party like a rock star at WPPI)

TASK 3: TALK TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE (you will be in many lines at this event weather it be for a WPPI platform class or the MGM food court line.) SAY HI. You already have one thing in common. Photography. (GOAL: Make some friends and build an entourage for the nightlife and a way to divide and conquer the WPPI classes during the Day)

TASK 4: SIGN UP FOR AN OFF-SITE WORKSHOP (The number of workshops are growing so choose wisely) I would go to a workshop of a photographer in the “POPULAR” circle and skilled of course in the craft of photography.)  (GOAL: work your way to the inner circle and get the inside scoop of the coolest parties. Coolest means unlimited alcohol, good music, a penthouse suite and the big names of wedding photography at the party. OK fine that may not be cool for everyone but those factors make a great party.

That’s it. If all works out, you should be able to party like a rock star at WPPI and survive.  You can thank me in person on the dance floor or at the Penthouse sweet.


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