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August 10, 2012

Hot off the Press: StickyAlbums Upgraded to enable sharing to Facebook and Twitter

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Written by: Lawrence

Hey peeps, you need to check out Sticky Albums. It looks pretty crazy. Imagine being able to create branded photo album app for your client. I’ll be trying this out soon so i’ll make sure to write about my experiences.

In the meantime check out the press release below about Sticky Albums latest upgrade.

StickyAlbums Upgrade Enables Photographers to Share Branded Photo Album Apps Instantly to Facebook and Twitter

Professional photographers who offer StickyAlbums can now promise seamless uploading to Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter

St. Paul, Minnesota – August 9, 2012 – StickyAlbums ( <> ), a unique platform enabling professional photographers to create branded photo album apps for their clients, is now making it even easier for clients to share albums with family and friends. An upgrade announced today introduces new social media sharing features that allow clients to effortlessly share their photographers’ branded album app directly to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. The feature streamlines the sharing of clients’ images across social networks, on which professional photographers are able to generate valuable word-of-mouth marketing for their studios.

Designed for photographers by photographers, StickyAlbums allows professional and prosumer shooters to create a unique slide show app for their client. The StickyAlbum, which runs on any iOS and most Android devices, save a custom app icon  to the home screen of the client’s phone or tablet. As images are increasingly shared via smartphones, tablets, utilizing social networks,, photographers need solutions that allow them to safely monetize their digital images while delivering the shareability that clients demand. StickyAlbums serves both purposes by optimizing image display for mobile devices and tying the infinitely sharable images to the photographer’s brand and website to generate more referrals.

StickyAlbums has quickly become a favorite of professional photographers. In the opinion of professional shooter Elizabeth Halford <> , “Using StickyAlbums to jump on the bandwagon of app obsession has been an absolute win for my business. My clients think I’m a genius computer programmer, and the shareability is immense.

Promoting a shoulder-to-shoulder sharing experience, StickyAlbums makes the images—and the photographer who took them—a point of conversation. Friends can maximize the show-and-tell factor by opening their personalized app and flipping through their professional photos just as they would open any mainstream app on their device.  With this latest social media upgrade, clients can also share their personal app via a website link on their Facebook pages, Pinterest boards or Twitter feeds.   Users need not install special apps from the App Store, instead one  StickyAlbum link works across all devices.

According to Michele Anderson, founder of Pinkle Toes Photography <> , the shareability is a key factor to her business strategies. She noted, “I want my clients to be so excited about their session that they share it with everyone. StickyAlbums is by far the simplest, most professional, sleekest-looking way my clients can do just that.”

Offered as a subscription-based service, StickyAlbums provides a free basic demo level to allow new users to test-drive the service first-hand. Users can then upgrade to either the monthly Starter subscription (which offers photographers unlimited access to the service and lifetime album hosting) or the annual Professional subscription for full white labeled branding. To try out the free demo, or for subscription pricing, please visit <> .

About StickyAlbums

StickyAlbums is a unique platform enabling professional photographers to create branded photo album apps that are stored on a client’s iOS or Android device. The app-albums are easily shareable via shoulder-to-shoulder conversations, from one device to another, and through social networking platforms.  A proven word-of-mouth marketing tool, StickyAlbums helps deter image theft by offering a safer way to share digital files while providing clients with the shared access to images that they demand. StickyAlbums provides a vehicle for professional and prosumer photographers to leverage the mobile revolution into wow-factor referrals. For additional information and to subscribe, visit <> .


Photo credit: Image taken from StickyAlbums website.


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