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August 8, 2012

Don’t be a LAZY Azzash scout that location

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Written by: Lawrence
I know what you are going to say…What is the point of physically scouting the location if you can access images online taken from the particular location and google earth, right?



Location scout via Google image search:


  1. Not enough “good” non snap shot-ish images to get a good idea of the lay of the land.
  2. Poor image quality
  3. Outdated


Location scout via Google earth:

  1. Outdated satellite imagery
  2. No person view ( if your location is viable via person view in google, I say go for it as I’ve used this method before and worked out great.


Location scout via in person:

  1. Feel the temperature in relation to the location (helps with planning what to bring during the shoot)
  2. Gauge how dirty the location can be in terms of clothing and gear.
    1. At the time of the Arboretum scout, we walked through a few paths that had sprinklers spraying the path.
    2. Talk with locals and get insight from frequent visitors of the location
    3. Gauge how safe the location is at the time of your shoots.
      1. I recently visited a location that looked great in photos via google image search but when I got to the location it was pretty scary (shady people walking around)


Well if you absolutely have zero time and patience to physically location scout, then subscribe to the youtube channel  and let me scout for you.

I already scout the locations I plan to use for future shoots so might as well share with my readers.

Please excuse the first location scout video as I did not have my headstrap with me. So I was basically handholding my Contour GPS


Stay tuned!


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