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thinktank photo free gift

ThinkTANK photo  – One of the best photography bag manufacturers in the world. Their bags are used from seasoned photography professionals to amateurs with the confidence that their investment is backed by thinktank photo’s known “No Rhetoric” warranty and the best customer service in the industry.

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lumiquest discount

Lumiquest – Foldable light modifiers that can fit in any bag.  When I need  a portable soft lightsource with direction,  the I take with me the Lumiquest Softbox LTP. Here is my review of the Lumiquest Softbox LTP with examples.

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spinlight 360

Spinlight 360 –  My favorite majority of the time lighting modifier. The reason for it’s frequency of use is due to the ability to modify the quality of light with the various lighting modifiers in your arsenal to  modify the light. Also the ability to direct the light in 360 degrees makes this modifier very flexible.

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Peak design discount code

Peak Design – Know for their kickstarter campaign for the capture clip system and now have grown to be a force when it comes to camera clips, straps and holsters. My camera is never without a peak design product.

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Where to buy anything and everything

AmazonThis site is by far my new “camera store” of choice.  No more calling or  going to your brick and mortar store to find out that what you are looking for is not available.