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5 minute Product Photography 3 light setup

Hey peeps, so I’ve received a good number of emails asking how long it takes me to take my clay flower product shots for . Well instead of replying to all of you, It might be best if i just creat...
by Lawrence

by Lawrence


2nd Shooter killer aka Triggertrap – Automated camera trigger

Are you a wedding, Headshot and product photographer? Do you find yourself needing a 2nd photographer to capture simple walking down the aisle and group images? Are you having issues timing moving images or bouquet shots just r...
by Lawrence


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The only way to remotely use high speed sync with flashes

So what is High Speed Sync? If you want the definition, then you need to check out this wiki. What matters to me is what High Speed Sync allows me to do in photography. Do you hate when you take a picture of a person outside in...
by Lawrence


iCreation SpeeCup

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Bottom Line 5.0 / 5 - Excellent
by Lawrence