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November 7, 2013

The best photographer meetup group is Shoot and Meet

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Written by: Lawrence

You are probably wondering what makes the Shoot & Meet group different from all the other photographer meet ups. Well, let me break it down for you.

HERE’S A QUICK VIDEO SHOT BY THE TALENTED ALYSSA MICHELLE (one of the hosts of this amazing group) to get your mouth watering.


Shoot and Meet in its essence is a photographer meetup. Although, there is nothing of  ordinary about the Shoot and Meet group. When I think of photographer meetups, I see a time where photographers from all skill levels take pictures of models in herds with little or no substantial interaction with each other during the “shooting” process.

Well this is where the Shoot and Meet group hosted by three beautiful ladies (Alyssa, Sarah and Shauntelle) is second to none. The premise of the Shoot and Meet group is just that Shoot and Meet.  The genius in this concept is that models aren’t provided to photograph. Participants will have to photograph one another. Brilliant right? Well this Shoot and Meet strategy allows photographers to network almost 100% of the time.  You are probably wondering how is that possible.


At this Shoot and Meet event while shooting other photographers you are able to identify the following traits and skills (Type A, Sweet, helpful, timid, responsive, decisive) which gives you an idea if you’d like to work with them in different capacities (Primary/Second shoot or even hire them for your own wedding) Let’s just say that I wished Shoot and Meet existed two years ago as there are some photographers that I would have gladly hired for my wedding.

Networking isn’t the only huge benefit in joining this group. It’s the Learning experience. Shoot and Meet allows it’s members to learn from one another. You’ll be able to witness how each different photographer pose their models. You’ll see how different photographers use the sun as their only light source.

Of course the other added benefit is having pictures of you taken for free by talented photographers to be used for your bio page.  Don’t worry it’s not a requirement to have your picture taken. I surely did not want my picture taken as I felt from my style of photography as you can see here for my wedding photography: and here for my advertising/editorial photography as it didn’t match my brand. With that said, the profile about page picture is a self-portrait.  Although, if someone from the Shoot & Meet group politely asks to take your picture, you should comply to be polite.


Added benefits:

–       Use images taken for whatever use you’d like as a model release is signed by each participant.

–       Take advantage of free models for testing out new poses, light positioning and location scout placeholders for your wedding clients (I also have to say that the women at the Shoot & Meet are beautiful and easy to pose.)



Joining the Shoot and Meet group is rather easy. All you need to do is make sure you have a facebook account and go to  and ask to be added to the group.

Yes that’s it and of course attend Shoot and Meet group meetup.





It’s pretty simply really.

–       Follow the rules for each event

–       Photos will be distributed through the Shoot and Meet Facebook group either by Dropbox, pixieset link for others to download. Tag those who have been photographed in your post.

–       Submitted photos should be edited and un-watermarked.

–       Name your files with your photo credit information.

–       All finished photos by each photographer should be edited and in it’s finished state upon delivery by the specified deadline.  Any photos not finished and submitted to the Shoot and Meet Facebook Group by the deadline will not be allowed to be distributed with all participants’ work.

–       There is no maximum or minimum number of photos allowed to be shared.

–       Please dress to represent you as an artist and a professional.


Amazing Amazing Amazing! If you are new or a seasoned photographer looking to network and get some pictures taken for your website, then Shoot + Meet is the meetup group for you.


You can check out the full experience and all of my favorite images on my Wedding and events blog here


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