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November 5, 2012

Best headshot for LinkedIn please

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Written by: Lawrence

One day I was requested by a family member to capture their image for LinkedIn That was the first I’ve received that kind of request for a headshot.  I didn’t it would be that important for a good headshot for LinkedIn. I guess I was wrong.

I was told that more and more people are taking headshots purely for LinkedIn. After thinking about it for a second, I realized it makes perfect sense that more and more people are taking how they look to potential employers seriously.

If you think about it, perception is everything in these early stages of employer courting.


As an employer, if you found two candidates that are identical in qualifications in LinkedIn and one had a better headshot, then which would you add in your pool of potential hires?

How about just filtering through the pictures alone and not looking at their qualifications? Would the BEST headshot for LinkedIn catch your attention and cause you to read about his/her qualifications?

I would say so.
So with in mind, I wanted to provide the best quality headshot for LinkedIn.

I wanted a headshot that fit this person’s personality and youthfulness. So I wanted a headshot with a little punch.  I definitely didn’t want that typical old school corporate headshot look. Therefore, I needed an edgy 3 light setup.


At first, I was planning to take out my studio strobes but with only 20 minutes for the headshot it would have taken 15 minutes alone to setup my studio lights with all the modifiers.

Which is why I decided to use my portable flashes (2 Nikon SB900s and 1 SB600) and 3 Lumiquest Softbox LTPs as the modifiers.



The lighting setup for this headshot for linkedIn was a very simply 3 light setup.

MAIN: 2 LIGHTS   45 degrees  and 2 feet to the left and right of the subject.

FILL: 90 degrees two feet below the subjects nose.


I am very happy with the results. Without utilizing the portable flashes and Lumiquest Softbox LTP option, I wouldn’t have been able to produce these kind of results in such a short time.

I’d love to see your Lumiquest Softbox LTP headshots.


Please post images to the photographySILO flickr group with the flickr tag “PhotographySILO Lumiquest headshot”


I might even post my favorite image from the flickr group to this post.


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