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November 13, 2013

Air Strap by Custom SLR is on Kickstarter

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Written by: Lawrence
Hey guys..yes you’ve heard it right. The folks at CustomSLR, the makers of the C-Loop and M-Plate Pro have pushed out another Kickstarter program with another cool product to help us photographers.

The new product is called the Air Strap which is Lightweight, Versatile and Affordable.  Check out the video below to learn more and back these guys up and push this product to market.

If you need a refresher on what Custom SLR is all about and their existing products I am sure you can find the videos on Kickstarter as well and you can check out the Google Hangout I did with Co-founder Ivan Wong.


Custom SLR Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund the Air Strap: a Camera
Strap That Does More With Less
This lightweight and breathable camera strap provides more comfort and versatility for
photographers of every kind, all at an affordable price.
SAN FRANCISCO, California—November 14, 2013—With four successfullyfunded
Kickstarter campaigns
under its belt, Custom SLR, a photography accessories company in Silicon Valley, today launched its fifth
project: the Air Strap, a camera strap that does more with less. Featuring breathable vents, moisture
wicking fabric and a quickadjust
slider, the Air Strap provides more comfort and versatility for any
photographer looking to replace the uncomfortable, hardtoadjust
strap that comes with his or her camera.
“Every photographer deserves a comfortable shooting experience,” said Ivan Wong, chief operating officer at
Custom SLR. “With the Air Strap, we wanted to create a professionalquality
strap that was affordable
enough for anyone who uses a camera. We’re excited to deliver a featurerich
strap at a great price point.”
Following the overwhelming success of its patentpending
Split Strap, Custom SLR now has a second
camera strap to add to its line of innovative photography solutions. The Air Strap features a convenient
slider that allows photographers to shorten the strap to keep the camera secure at their side
when maneuvering through crowds and tight spaces; when they need to take a photo, they can easily pull
the slider to extend the strap. For maximum comfort and flexibility, the Air Strap has cushy neoprene
padding with wicking fabric on the top and bottom, and buckles that swivel with each movement. The Air
Strap is compatible with most cameras, and with an optional attachment, it can be used with most bags,
such as laptop and gym bags.
Starting today, the Air Strap will be made available first to backers who fund the project during its 44day
campaign, which ends on Dec. 27, 2013. For more details, visit the Custom SLR Air Strap Kickstarter page:
About Custom SLR
Custom SLR is a photography accessories company that creates products that challenge existing
boundaries. Based in Silicon Valley, the team of photographers likes to innovate and design useful products,
including the CLoop,
Split Strap, MPlate
and ProDot, all of which were successfully launched through
Kickstarter. For more information, visit


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