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July 7, 2014

2nd Shooter killer aka Triggertrap – Automated camera trigger

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Written by: Lawrence

Are you a wedding, Headshot and product photographer?

Do you find yourself needing a 2nd photographer to capture simple walking down the aisle and group images? Are you having issues timing moving images or bouquet shots just right?

Say goodbye to ever needing a 2nd shooter!


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Well there are products to help you with these types of tasks. The products are from Triggertrap. You might have heard from them via their kickstarter for the Triggertrap V1. For this article, I will show you how I plan to use the Triggertrap V1 and the Triggertrap mobile for these basic photography situations.

STEP 1: Equip yourself with the appropriate gear.

-DSLR compatible with the Triggertrap

-Triggertrap V1 and/or Triggertrap V2


-Mobile Phone Bike mount (version that can clamp to tripod) make sure you take your tripod measurements first and don’t buy a version specific to a type of mobile device as it needs to be able to hold the the Triggertrap V1.

-Industrial strength velcro

-Laser box (I built my own with a switch) If you’d like to make your own there are a good number of tutorials out there. Just be careful.

STEP 2: Identify each photography situation that you can automate.


-Walking down the aisle

-Ceremony images where photographer can’t move locations

-Getting Ready bridal images

-Family portraits


-Standard headshots


-Basic product photography catalogue type images

STEP 3: Align photography situations that can be automated with the features of the trigger trap. (look out to upcoming video


-Walking down the aisle ( Triggertrap V1 = Laser trigger)

-Ceremony images where photographer can’t move locations (Triggertrap Mobile = Wifi Slave for remote triggering or Motion Sensor set to two objects)

-Getting Ready bridal images (Triggertrap Mobile = Motion Sensor)

-Family portraits (Triggertrap Mobile = Peekaboo facial recognition for max 5 people)


-Standard headshots (Triggertrap Mobile = Motion Sensor set to total number of subjects max 5 people or Peekaboo facial recognition)


-Basic product photography catalogue type images (Triggertrap Mobile = Sound Sensor or Motion Sensor)

STEP 4: Sit back relax and watch the Triggertrap do its thing

As you can see, by adding the Triggertrap to your photography arsenal it could prove to be a very time saving and liberating experience.

If you haven’t purchased a Triggertrap yet purchase it using the amazon link below to also help continue to provide free content to you all.


Happy Triggering!


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