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Photographer Interviews


Posted  April 3, 2014  by  Lawrence

PAST PHOTOGRAPHYSILO.COM: In your early years of high school, were you involved in the yearbook ? What sparked your interest in photography? ROBERTO VALENZUELA:  During my high school years, I did not even own a camera nor did I know how to use one.  My focus was 100% in long distance running for the cross-country […]

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rotation180 Panorama_Tahoe Blue_lo res
Gear Talk

Hot off the Press: MindShift Gear A Winner in the Red Dot Award 2014

Posted  March 27, 2014  by  Lawrence

If you guys haven’t heard of MindShift, then you must be under a rock. Mindshift gear is founded by the folks at thinktank photo.       Well they won an award for their MindShift rotation180 Panarama Rotating backpack is awarded for High Design Quality. Below is the official press release: Santa Rosa, California. –MindShift […]

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Optrix PhotoProX

Posted  March 19, 2014  by  Lawrence

When you think of an iPhone protective waterproof case you think big and bulky. Well the Optrix PhotoProX was surely not the big bulky case I was expecting. It’s actually a good size but still allows significant protection of your iPhone 5. The lenses had it’s own “lens case”with foam inserts for each lens. Installing […]

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Behind the scenes at the Oscars from the eyes of a photographer

Posted  March 2, 2014  by  Lawrence

Behind the scenes at the Oscars from the eyes of a photographer is not a topic that you don’t read much online. Oscars to most press row photographer’s aka “Red carpet photographers” is the last of the major award show in the award show season. Well the Oscar award show really isn’t all that glamorous […]

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Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Essence for your Photography Studio

Posted  February 22, 2014  by  Lawrence

                Have you heard of Bang & Olufsen? If so then you are familiar with their brand and high price tag due to the beautiful craftsmanship, materials and technology. Bang & Olufsen still to most pretty unattainable. Well with their new product offering you could soon equip your […]

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Photography Assistant 101

Photography Assistant Training videos scheduled

Posted  February 18, 2014  by  Lawrence

Hey all. Since I am already producing videos to train my current and future photography assistants, might as well have it available to the Youtube Subscribers. If you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe by clicking here: or the image below to get updates on the release. More videos to come.

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