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Light Modifier

Spinlight 360 Extreme

Posted  September 23, 2014  by  Lawrence

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Modifiers galore. The Spinlight 360 extreme seems to have every modifier I’d need. I love how easy it is to attach and detach the modifiers with ease and also the ability to spin the modifier 360 degrees for additional light control which is a huge benefit in a fast pace environment where on […]

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1st ever PhotographySILO pow wow meetup

Photographer meetup 1st PhotographySILO Pow Wow Meetup (September 21, 2014)

Posted  September 3, 2014  by  Lawrence

For the very first Pow wow, I want to start small and limit to the 1st ten that accept the Photographer Pow Wow Group event invite We’ll pow wow do an activity and give out a prize and giveaways. LIGHTING ACTIVITY Photography Lighting Horse. Think of this like the basketball game of horse you […]

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Light Lab

5 minute Product Photography 3 light setup

Posted  August 30, 2014  by  Lawrence

Hey peeps, so I’ve received a good number of emails asking how long it takes me to take my clay flower product shots for . Well instead of replying to all of you, It might be best if i just created a youtube video showing you how the clay flowers are photographed and also […]

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Photography Gear

Joby Flash Clamp and Locking Arm

Posted  August 11, 2014  by  Lawrence

At first I was a little concerned about whether my Nikon SB-910 would be too heavy for the ABS plastic construction of the Joby Flash Clamp & Locking Arm but I was pleasantly suprised how secure it appeared on the system. The way the Joby Flash Clamp and Locking Arm was constructed was absolute genius. […]

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Gear Talk

Thinktank photo Airport Roller Derby Gear Peek

Posted  August 6, 2014  by  Lawrence

The folks at Thinktank Photo have done it again with the amazing Airport Roller Derby. The Airport Roller derby is surely my new travel bag to hand carry my precious photography gear while traveling. Photo credit: Lawrence Atienza CHECK OUT the Gear Peek video below that documents my first time exploring the Thinktank Photo Airport […]

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Gear Talk

Gear Peek of the Peak Design Slide and Clutch

Posted  August 1, 2014  by  Lawrence

Hey Peeps. The folks at Peak Design kindly sent us pre-production samples of the Slide and Clutch so I can share with all you folks. After you check out my gear peek video, you’ll surely want to pick the Slide and Clutch for your camera system. You still have till August 15 2014 to be […]

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