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Joby Flash Clamp and Locking Arm

Posted  August 11, 2014  by  Lawrence

At first I was a little concerned about whether my Nikon SB-910 would be too heavy for the ABS plastic construction of the Joby Flash Clamp & Locking Arm but I was pleasantly suprised how secure it appeared on the system. The way the Joby Flash Clamp and Locking Arm was constructed was absolute genius. […]

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Gear Talk

Thinktank photo Airport Roller Derby Gear Peek

Posted  August 6, 2014  by  Lawrence

The folks at Thinktank Photo have done it again with the amazing Airport Roller Derby. The Airport Roller derby is surely my new travel bag to hand carry my precious photography gear while traveling. Photo credit: Lawrence Atienza CHECK OUT the Gear Peek video below that documents my first time exploring the Thinktank Photo Airport […]

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Gear Talk

Gear Peek of the Peak Design Slide and Clutch

Posted  August 1, 2014  by  Lawrence

Hey Peeps. The folks at Peak Design kindly sent us pre-production samples of the Slide and Clutch so I can share with all you folks. After you check out my gear peek video, you’ll surely want to pick the Slide and Clutch for your camera system. You still have till August 15 2014 to be […]

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Urban Disguise special offer
Hot off the Press

Gear – Special – Buy an Urban Disguise and get two free gifts for my readers

Posted  July 11, 2014  by  Lawrence

Hey Peeps.. i just received word from the folks at thinktankphoto that they will be running a special from now to August 7, 2014 to my readers. You can receive a free Shoulder Harness V2.0 and Urban Disguise Attachment Straps with any order of one of our popular Urban Disguise shoulder bags. Below are instructions […]

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2nd Shooter killer aka Triggertrap – Automated camera trigger

Posted  July 7, 2014  by  Lawrence

Are you a wedding, Headshot and product photographer? Do you find yourself needing a 2nd photographer to capture simple walking down the aisle and group images? Are you having issues timing moving images or bouquet shots just right? Say goodbye to ever needing a 2nd shooter! Photo credit: Well there are products to help […]

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Filter Nest lowres
Gear Talk

Hot off the Press: MindShift Gear’s New Outdoor Photography Filter Nest is Two Bags in One

Posted  July 3, 2014  by  Lawrence

Mindshift the sister company of our beloved thinktank photo just released a two in one filter pack called the Filter Nest. Check out the official press release for more details. MindShift Gear’s New Outdoor Photography Filter Nest is Two Bags in One SANTA ROSA, CALIF – MindShift Gear’s has just released the Filter Nest, the […]

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